Happy bday to you


To my dearest cousin happy happy birth day to you… I wish more birth day to come hahha obviously hahaha.. may god bless you always and remember to be good to others…  love you mom and dad… be yourself..again

HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO YOU…Happy-Birthday-Cake-Images-HD-Wallpaper



My Fear


From birth to present someone I don’t like, it was the neighbor of mine… He was big as the hot air balloon flying so high… I don’t know why I’m scared with him… But the only thing I knew he was feared by everyone… as I grew up I always put in my mind he will kneel on me, letting pay his sin over me…

But when I reach 12 years old he died… on that time I don’t know what I’m going to do. I was to laugh but I can’t because beside me was his brother… As his body laid to rest I realized that without him I can’t experience what we call fear… But through him I overcame it but I was dismayed because he was die and I never prove to him I already conquer my fear with him…

Never think to revenge with your fear nor overcame it as soon as possible… be mature enough to conquer those fear and never give up…

Journey as I go through My Life in Ateneo

As Ateneo Student, I’m proudly to say we are ONE BIG FAMILY. I was in Ateneo since 2012. But I started to study in Ateneo de Davao University. I don’t have idea about Ateneo. I only believe that Ateneo is a private school and you need to have enough money to study. But my definition is wrong when I enter Ateneo I really appreciated the essence of being a family. Why? Because they entertained us as a new student and recognized us as part of thier family. All are equal, no bias nor unfair. But I transferred in Ateneo de Iloilo-SMCS. I prove to myself that Ateneo is ONE. Then later on as the time passed by I realized that all Ateneo schools are connected because I believe they maintain the Ignatius way of being men and women to others, as one family and doing the 7C’s.

As I go through my journey in Ateneo de Iloilo-SMCS I faced my trials and challenges at ease. Many things I learned from ateneo that I applied in my daily lives. Lessons that teach me to take my responsibility full heartedly.

Through thier teachings I will apply this and keep it as my personal souvenir .